My thoughts on CommsCamp16

CommsCamp is a big deal

CommsCamp16 has lots of Comms people. They talk a lot sharing great ideas. Sessions can be massive and small. For small ones everyone gets to chip in – brill. For larger ones it’s a bit more tough.

I tended to chip in on social media @alanfergs, which is obviously a great way of reflecting on the day – makes sure you look at #commscamp16 to a more complete review.

Me and Facebook

Before the event – I had not posted on my personal Facebook since I think 2009. I’m a Twitter-holic. But, I was forced to log in and join the closed group. It was a nice forced moment. I joined in, got a flavour for what to expect and could put faces to names. A real note on faces to names – I know it’s hilarious having something funny as your icon on Twitter – but its no use when you go to an event as no-one has a clue who you are.

Facebook session

Lead by @paul_compton – my favourite of the day. Session full so ended up on the floor for an hour. But well worth it.

What I learnt:

  • post fewer / better posts – check your analytics and see what works best. Do more of that. Do less of what doesn’t work
  • if you consider Facebook advertising – get help before you start. It will be worth the investment
  • mix non-corporate fun messages eg GIFS into your messages. Keeps the punters interested
  • fire in some infographics along the way – better than long winded text


Over lunch I caught up more with @iojosy who ran the Budget comms session (which I have covered next). I also caught up with @AlbFreeman about work he’s been doing with his council on Snapchat for events. Nice to get 121 overview of what Albert’s been up to and something I plan to test out with our small team.

Budget comms with @iojosy

Simplify your comms messages so that they make sense to Jo Public. Use video, use infographics (we’ve been using @canva on @letstalkcentral). Use the power of 10 i.e. get 10 friends or family to share your message. If you’re using social media and have key influencers – speak to them well before you launch a campaign. If they have 10K followers, and you warm them up, they’ll be online advocates for you. Share your great work – somewhere as we are all doing Budget comms.

Social media management and multiple Twitter accounts

This session was lead by @paulineroche and @ctownsenduk. A lot of chat about which tools to monitor and post on social media. Basically, we all use different tools at different times – Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and just posting directly all raised. My view is that one is not outstanding – we use HootSuite for work, but it has some limitations so we also use Twitter directly, recently using Periscope for the first time.

I thought there was some really interesting points in this session especially around challenging yourself to check social media and sites you don’t normally use day to day. So one guy (forgive me didn’t get the name) highlighted that they go on to cycling forums to check what the hot topics are for men’s health – a more targeted view to see what’s out there rather than blanket comms.


OK, Chatham House rules applies so no names. This message will self-destruct etc….

I got a bit concerned in the therapy session that many people seemed genuinely unhappy in their jobs. Yet all day long, I was hearing about the brilliant work so many people were doing.

So I was a bit confused – stop and reflect on the great stuff, not the bad stuff. Every day might not be great – but there’s something great in every day!

Anyway, that’s my reflective moment over.

Ta / follow

Follow these people – they’re dead smart:






Then for more people who went to CommsCamp16 check out my Twitter list. If you’re not on it, and you were there – let me know and I’ll add your handle.

Thanks to all the sponsors from yesterday’s event. Check them out on the CommsCamp16 website.


Alan – @alanfergs


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