Gov Delivery make an impact

The Gov Delivery annual conference took place on 11 November in London. The conference has grown in the past few years with 500 tickets snapped up and a great turn out on the day with the hall pretty full for most of the day. As ever, the conference was extremely well organised by all the guys at Gov Delivery, with special thanks going to Dave Worsell.

I’m not going to talk through each speaker as I am sure we’ll get the slide decks available online and videos of the day. I’m just going to give my main takeaways.

Feel free to agree, disagree or remind me if I miss anything by contacting Alan Ferguson @alanfergs on Twitter or by email.

You can’t beat a list of takeaways (not the food variety…)

Here are mine with a few already kicked off in work today while fresh in the mind!

  1. Read the white paper – loved the first talk from Guy Dominy and Kevin Traverse-Healy. Going to take a look at PROOF model in particular.
  2. Find more hidden databases – yep, there are more out there. I am going to hit existing groups and see if we can squeeze more customers out of them. I’ve already had a winner this morning with a few thousand customers who completed our broadband questionnaire recently and opted in. We just haven’t imported across recently.
  3. Split test – again already started doing this. I have created call to action buttons which I am testing. This means at the top or early in the body of the email I will add a button to link to the website. I’ll send this email alert to half the database. Then I will resend to the other half with the link purely in the body of the text. Let’s see if the click through rate rises.
  4. Add video directly to Facebook (credit to Peter Hughes for explaining this one to me) – Stephen Clark touched on this in his talk, illustrating that the cost per view for direct uploads to Facebook was lower than the cost per view on You Tube. So the action is to test publishing video directly to Facebook to see the impact for ourselves.
  5. Look at WhatsApp – we’re all familiar with WhatsApp but using it for a council…madness surely (joking!). Well, Dale Shepherd and Lorna Perry think otherwise and we’re all eager to hear how it goes. Good luck to them for taking this leap of faith in trying a new digital channel.
  6. Offer you a social media policy before its too late – we have one and boy did it help us out before diving in. Hearing the horror stories of reeling in 80 or 90 Twitter accounts is a nightmare. Contact Alan Ferguson @alanfergs on Twitter or by email if you want to see ours.
  7. Overlay – we need a Gov Delivery overlay otherwise we’re never going to get the subscribers we deserve!
  8. 3 is the magic number – according to Susannah Pike from Dorset. That is 3 links per email alert. Want to look at their excellent presentation again for more ideas!
  9. Share stats – Susannah Pike showed stats from other councils. We all need to see these to benchmark as I thought we were doing really well! We’re doing ok, but must try harder – we’re a B- at the moment and I need to get us to A***! Gov Delivery aware of this request so watch this space.
  10. Mirror email alerts and the website – thanks to DVSA for these tips. We’re not likely to get this soon but its firmly noted for the future!
  11. Educate others – I’m not an accountant. I never want to be. Accountants are trained to be really good at what they do. I’m well trained in what I do and have many years experience in web, email marketing, social media, marketing (even before t’internet existed), plus general project management and a pretty handy public speaker and facilitator. So I need to take ALL of this and remember to lead the way in educating service areas on how to communicate effectively with their target audiences. That’s just a small takeaway from Cormac Smith’s talk. I’d like to see that full ‘robust, interactive presentation’ (excellent description courtesy of Amish Patel) in all its glory to really appreciate everything that was said.
  12. Enter awards – one way to focus the mind on great work you’ve done is to enter an award. I did this on Tuesday when I submitted a piece for the email marketing award from the top guys at Comms2Point0.
  13. Government Communication Service (GCS) – find out more about what they do and how I can get involved.
  14. Get out more – I always say this but its so important to get to these events and others in association with Central Government too. Last thing we want in local government is to fall further behind the work of GDS in particular.
  15. Meet more people face to face – great to actually meet up with a lot of people I only know from Twitter. It makes the day so much more enjoyable when you get to say hello face to face rather than from behind a hashtag! Having said that, I did love the big screen relaying all the #ukcomm14 tweets.

And finally…

Thanks again to Dave Worsell and his team for arranging the day. It was great. It was lively. It was one to remember – and I’ll remember it for all the excellent speakers who will spent a LOT of time preparing the talks in advance. It showed with all of them.

Alan – otherwise known as @alanfergs on Twitter


Building perfect council websites 2014

These are my top takeaways from the Building perfect council websites 2014 session held in Birmingham on 10 July, 2014. I’m just going to give a snippet of my views as I am sure the presentations will be on the Socitm website soon!

Stakeholder engagement

The day kicked off with Phil Young – Head of Online at Transport for London. When developing the TFL website, they engaged with a wide range of key stakeholders from the beginning of the project and met with them every two weeks to explain the progress. There were numerous referenced on screen e.g. RNIB. So important to get them on board early to get a strong steer on what their user needs are and also act as advocates for the programme.

Internal search

If a customer can’t find info on your search is it their fault for not knowing what to look for?

This was a question posed and the simple answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

This is how James Coltham summed it up: Let’s be clear on this one… If your website users can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s YOUR fault, not theirs.

Your customers search in a wide variety of ways. Find out what they search for using your log files and please read this book – Search analytics for your site by Louis Rosenfeld to find out how to make use of the information and improve your internal site search performance. I have spent a lot of time working through the principles of this book and share this at the BrightonSEO conference last year. Have a look at my video for more information – An untapped resource for optimising your website – Alan Ferguson , Central Bedfordshire Council.

User experience testing

Lots of mentions of this all day long with a good session by Carolyne Mitchell. Carolyne will post on Twitter some links so give her a follow. What I’d say is that user experience testing doesn’t have to be expensive and you can easily learn how to do it. I went on a great day long usability testing training session with Webcredible which was worth every penny. Check it out and if you go on the session let me know what you think. We can share ideas!

Time share your skills

Get away from the desk and meet people and share experiences and how you can collaborate to improve your sites. Also, here is my idea which I have been beating the drum about – but too quietly!

I know about internal search, I know how to improve it – fast. I’ll show you how to do it and in turn you give me your skills in return. Have you nailed SEO for your site – I know a fair bit but don’t claim to be an expert when compared to the skills of a dedicated SEO expert.

Is there something on our website we could be doing better? I don’t care what you share with me, as long as it adds value to our site, and in return I will help you sort your internal search. Interested? Email me –

Go to BrightonSEO

OK a few points here. First off, don’t just go to public sector conferences. My favourite web conference is BrightonSEO. It takes place twice a year, and its free. But you have to subscribe to their mailing list to hear about tickets as they sell out in ten minutes.

Listen to the Site Visibility podcast

Its the best Internet Marketing podcast going. Because of that, it attracts top speakers. Listen from the first to the latest and I promise you you’ll get something from every episode.

Read these two books

These are nothing to do with the web….at all. They are amazing examples from around the world about thinking differently and problem solving from a legend of the advertising industry, Dave Trott. Here are the books:

Dave Trott – Creative Mischief

Dave Trott – Predatory Thinking

And if you get a chance, go and hear this guy talk. By far, the best speaker I have and likely ever will hear.

Get the developers out

I get to go to a few conferences a year, which is great. One I was at recently had Phil Rumens talking with GDS about open source and stuff which was way over my non-technical mind. But he was talking about sharing code and its stuff our web developers need to know about – not me. We need to let these guys lose to develop their skills not kill every ounce of creativity by chaining them to their desks. Kevin Jump pointed this out to me yesterday. He said in his experiences at Liverpool, one of the really enthused web developers was delivering 10 times more (OK might be a bit exaggerated).

Check your website – yes, you

We were looking at missed bin collections the other day and came across Kirklees website which has an option to collect ‘body parts’. Really? Yep. That and bloody bandages – and no, that’s not me swearing. We covered the points of failure and getting through them in the GOSS session. Again, I will leave it to them to add to the Socitm website.


Follow the folk I have mentioned on Twitter. Learn from them and share your experiences. I know that seems really obvious, but again don’t restrict to just public sector bods. Think what the private sector are doing as best practice and adapt to suit your website.

Like I said, I didn’t go into detail about the presentations. There’s probably more you will get from these so feel free to let me know what you thought of yesterday’s event.


Alan Ferguson@alanfergs
Web Manager for Central Bedfordshire Council

Email marketing | MailCamp12

In May 2012, Alan Ferguson was invited to speak at MailCamp12, which was held in The National Audit Office and organised by Steph Grey of Helpful Technology.

The event is designed to share stories and tips on effective email marketing, newsletters and alerts for the public sector.

Alan spoke about the success Central Bedfordshire Council were having with their email marketing which was launched in January 2012.

Here is Alan’s talk.

Internal search – an untapped resource

It’s about time started blogging again. So where better to start than a piece about my recent talk at #brightonseo.

This talk was inspired by the book, Search Analytics for your Site, by Louis Rosenfeld.

Why focus on Internal Search at an SEO conference?

I have been working on perfecting the Central Bedfordshire Council website search for around 14 months. We use a simple search engine, called Zoom. This gives us log files for all searches carried out on the site. I take this information, check if the customer is seeing what they should and if not…I fix it.

Check out the presentation for a bit more detail on how I do it and the benefits for sorting out your internal search engine.