Simplifying website navigation

Running a council website means working across an amazing variety of public services. And quite rightly so, everyone believes their service is the most important.

But the public think otherwise, and they give their opinion in how they use our website. Forget the 80.20 rule. Our site has around 80% of traffic across the top 10% of pages. The usual suspects are there all year round:

  • jobs
  • planning
  • bins
  • school admissions
  • roads 

So, we build our navigation around this. We look at what the customers are looking at, and what they are searching for. Search terminology tells us the exact phrases they use and we build the navigation using these.

We call a tip a tip and not a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

The top 140 search terms make up 20% of the total. So work on these and change the navigation to suit.

We did, and in one month searches for council tax dropped by 80% just by making this more visible in the navigation.

Never forget the basics and you’ll be on a winner.

Alan – @alanfergs